What Vape Juice Should I Use?

If you are new to the vape family and have just got your first vape kit, you may feel confused on how to find a suitable vape juice for your kit among various ejuice products. You might be lucky if you have family or friends to give you guidance, but if not, never mind, here’s some advice that might help you clear things up in your vape journey. The flavour, the nicotine strength and the PG/VG ratio might be the key things that we should consider when buying e-cig juice. What is Vape Juice & How Does It Work? Vape...

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What Vape Should I Buy ?

As a new vaper, it might be difficult to choose a suitable vaping device among varied choices. It’s personal preference, and it depends on many things, like how much and how often you did/do smoke, and the reason why you vape. E-cigarette comes in varied shapes and features, and that can be confusing. Hope the basics below will bring you a few steps closer. What is Vaping ? Ecigarettes come in many sizes and shapes, but they all have the same basic components – a battery unit, a tank or cartridge or pod, an atomizer, a charger & a mouthpiece....

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Can Vape Juice Expire?

Some vapers may realize that they’ve bought more e-liquid than their actual need or they simply forgot the extra e-juice bottles. They might be worried that if vape liquid can go bad ?

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